At Agaze our aim is to honor the Greek heritage through our delicatessen and not only!
In our shop you will find a classic range of traditional products such as teas, wines, spirits and local products that you can also taste on our menu.
And if you need a small gift to remember your Greek holiday, pick your keepsake from one of our vintage shelves.


Enjoy your cup of tea, hot or cold, while relaxing in our patio! Choose your classic organic Greek herbal teas with a drop of honey or pick your twist mix of infusion: anti-stress, relaxing, detox… We have got you covered! And if you need a boost, try a Greek coffee: just remember, make it rest before drink it!

Local Products
Agaze Santorini Restaurant bistro pyrgos

High quality value paired with an attention to the territory, Agaze sources the best Greek flavors for you!

Virgin olive oil and olives with exquisite taste and texture, silky organic honey, spoon sweet preserves: the Greek gastronomy, awarded as one of the finest in the world, on your table!


Jazz up your coffee break or your cup of tea with a crunchy treat: try our homemade cookies! They are perfect for your sugar cravings or as a gift for your friend with a sweet tooth!


Explore the rich history of Greek wine making through our wine list: besides great local grape varieties, such as Asyrtiko, taste also awarded wines from the mainland sipping your glass of divine nectar cherishing the volcanic vineyards of Pyrgos.


Approved also by the Greek Orthodox monks in the 14th Century, Tsipoura and Ouzo are the essential guest at any social Greek gathering. Distilled spirits of the residue of the wine press, they go along with delicious meze. You are allowed to add some ice and water!


Feeling nostalgic or want to bring home a bit of Greece with you? Have a look at our colorful shop stocked with blissful objects inspired by the Greek tradition! Mati to fight the evil eye, olive oil soaps to nourish your skin, tsarouchi (traditional shoe of Evzones) style bags to keep always with you a bit of the Hellenic atmosphere. And much more!

Pyrgos, Santorini
T +30 22860 31003


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