Agaze, which means arm in arm, is a great meet and blend of my Greek and Sicilian origin. My love for tradition and travels is at the bottom of the concept of Agaze: having wandered around the world made me understand the relevance of food as one of the main characters of culture. This is the core of the project, to establish a contemporary Greek bistro inspired by the tradition, in Santorini, in the exquisite village of Pyrgos. Being also an Interior Designer, I gave my soul to make Agaze a unique gathering place with uncompromising detailing. Vintage details, vivid colors, lush plants coexist in a harmonious balance creating a Santorini Restaurant Bistro in Pyrgos where everyone feels at home.

Telling food is finding the meeting between the senses and the history that is inside the kitchens and before the dishes. It is revealing ideas and sensations, it is being able to convey the joy of certain encounters and the pleasure of certain discoveries, it is to recreate, paradoxically even in words. Those suggestions that silence the mouths and make them eternal.


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 Agaze’s Bottega, one of the most eclectic shop on the island, decorated with richness and supreme elegance, it has a very big range of house’s details, vintage details and souvenirs ready to leave a great imprint inside your heart when you will come to visit us. A great solution for our precious tourists and not only!

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Following our recycling eco restaurant philosophy, we have achieved a huge amount of 1.000.000 single-use plastic cups in Greece! This eco friendly policy is trying to establish a new way of thinking about single-use plastic as only a few of them are recycled, while the rest of them end up in the landfills or oceans. In Santorini Agaze Bistro-Restaurant we decide to change things to protect the environment and we need your support to make a better reality happen. We believe that together we can make the difference and respect what Mother Nature gave us. Let’s start, now is the time!



Pyrgos, Santorini
T +30 22860 31003


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